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We offer Large stock of copper / aluminum cables, electric distribution panels, electric distribution boards, cable protectors and other associated accessories i.e. temporary cable jointing systems, IP 67 instantaneous cable connector plugs and sockets, etc for General electric distribution and lighting. The infrastructure is being continuously upgraded and strengthened by us to meet high levels of expectations of our elite clients and also in order to meet all the norms of environment, fire / electrical safety and other statutory laws to the best of our effort and ability.
TWSPL Activities :
  • 1. Temporary Electrical Infrastructure for distribution of load downstream.
  • 2. D.G. Sets on Hire with Fuel for power generation.
  • 3. External and Internal temporary area lighting i.e. Flood lights, High bay lights, Par lights, Spot lights, etc.
  • 4. Provision of power outlets for electrical gagets, air conditioners, machinery, etc.
  • 5. Decorative lighting.
  • 6. Temporary telecommunication network.
  • 7. Temporary CCTV network.
  • 8. Temporary Fire Alarm System.
  • 9. Temporary Sound and Public Address System
TWSPL Infrastructure :
Temporary Electric Distribution Panels, Cables & Distribution Boards

Custom built, flexible (incorporating a range of features to enable the assembly to be reconfigured to different distribution combinations), compact double door Cubicle Electric distribution Panels suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use of rating from 63A To 800 A - 100 Nos. (Total capacity 25000 KW) all containing MCCBs and MCBs of appropriate rating of four pole type (where neutral also is disconnected when switched off) and fitted with IP-67 cable connectors for connections upto 32A for instant connections and for added safety.

  • . Flexible Changeover switching systems (A manual alternate to Generator Synchronizing System).
  • . Cubicle type Consumer end Connection boards of different sizes from 400A to 63A.
  • . Cubicle type Distribution Boards of various sizes fitted with ELCBs . RCCBs and 4 Pole MCBs / MCCBs on mains
Cable Protectors

Cable Ramps made out of Heavy duty rubber for mechanical protection of 20 Tons capacity for instant laying and complete protection of cables in road crossings eliminating the need for cable bridges, which are time consuming as well as not very pleasing to eyes.

Light Duty Cable Covers to cover, hide and protect cables / cords while keeping floors clear and safe.

Armoured & Flexible Cables
  • Aluminum Armoured Cables of Sizes from 400 Sqmm 3.5 core to 10 Sqmm 4 Core.
  • Copper Armoured cables of sizes 6 Sqmm to 2.5 Sqmm 4 core fitted with IP-67 Cable connectors on both ends of cable.
  • Single core PVC insulated aluminum wire of size 6 Sqmm to 25 Sqmm for overhead power distribution and circuit wiring.
  • Single core PVC insulated copper wire of size 2.5 to 6 Sqmm for internal wiring.
Temporary Lighting

Indoor as well as Outdoor Metal Halide, Halogen, GLS, Fluorescent, HPMV, HPSV, LED lighting of various types i.e. Flood Light, Street Light, Post top Light, Low, Medium & High Bay Light, Spot Light, etc. and M.S. Poles up to 8 RM long to mount the lights.

Temporary IP-67 Cable Jointing System
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