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MEP Operation & Maintenance Services
The magnificent growth and development of Indian economy and the advent of multinationals has brought about a cultural change in the way people work and live. People now appreciate quality. As the consequence of this change in people's outlook the novel concept of utility management is gaining acceptance as it is critical to maintaining and enhancing asset values of properties, equipments and quality of life. We at Third Wave Services are alive to the complexities of your needs and help you find better and more innovative ways of optimum utilization of resources to meet your requirements, thereby by giving freedom to the clients to concentrate on their main areas of activity without becoming involved with nagging facility maintenance issues. We assure you that your installations will be managed by a highly skilled team as per the laid down operating procedures and manufacturers instructions and provide your good self with summary of preventive maintenance procedures or repairs carried out from time to time and a monthly compliance report. Third Wave Services would like to present its capabilities to undertake any utility management project with coordination and support of it's associate concerns in the following fields:-
  • Electrical Installations
  • D G Sets
  • Water Supply & Sewage Installations
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression
  • Security Systems
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Maintenance is defined in BS.3811 as :
  • "A combination of any actions carried out to restore an item in, or restore it to, an acceptable condition."
The main aim of asset maintenance is :
  • 1. To preserve an asset and services in good operating condition.
  • 2. To restore the damages and keep the asset to its original standards, and
  • 3. To improve the infrastructure depending upon the development with the modern trends.

Maintenance work relating to any asset mainly consists of repairs, replacements and periodic preventive maintenance. The purpose of preventive maintenance or periodical maintenance is to increase the life of building, minimize the day to day repairs and attendance. In fact routine maintenance and periodical / preventive maintenance of buildings are inversely related to each other. Better the preventive maintenance, less the routine maintenance required. We are committed to be partner with our employers to ensure that the performance of the their utility assets are conducive to achieving the goals and objectives of their businesses. We ensure that our business development and site effort will achieve our aforesaid mission objectives. To ensure our commitment to provide maintenance of highest standards periodical specialized services i.e. Infrared Themography, Onsite KWH Meter testing, Onsite Vibration Measurement & Laser Alignment of Machines, Testing Sub-Station Equipments & Calibration of Protection Relays and Dehydration & Filtration of Transformer Oil is inbuilt in our maintenance package.

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